Saturday, 27 March 2021

"Our diverse world"...

I just had a thought. In an idle hour I was perusing my company's internal social media site and I noticed that my manager, who was recently appointed the region's diversity and inclusion "lead,"  had posted something thereto about the Jewish festival of Passover, which Christ was celebrating with His Disciples when He was betrayed by those people. My thought was this. People who aggressively push diversity and inclusion are invariably unprincipled people without any spiritual beliefs whatsoever. In a cultural and spiritual vacuum, they look at cultural and spiritual people and say "this is so wonderful! Let's have more of this!" But they don't mean that they want to themselves adopt the cultural or spiritual aspects of Judaism (thank God!), Islam, Jainism or Hinduism, or indeed should anybody else in anything but a fleeting and frivolous way (totally harmless, I suppose, to sample Indian cuisine on some Hindu festival...or is it?), and by implication they believe that adherents of those faiths should adopt a similarly cavalier attitude towards their own beliefs. It is an implicit attack on objective Truth, the belief that there is only One God (one faith, one Baptism, etc). This is why the Marxist concepts of diversity and inclusion are antithetical to Christian belief, and also why Christians who have been persecuted in recent years have had to go to court, for example, to defend their right not to bake cakes for gay weddings, and so on.

It's all well and good to marvel at our "diverse" world. It's another thing to say that diversity itself is a good thing.

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